Dope on the Table




Dope on the Table



That was a quote from the television show, The Wire,  defining that generally whenever a drug bust was done on the show, it was essentially a dog and pony show highlighting the fact that the police where out there protecting law and order, when in reality they were doing anything but.

Currently, that’s what this A-Rod and Biogenesis saga, is really all about, dope on the table.  Somehow MLB officials thought it prudent to highlight the Biogenesis suspensions as a way to say baseball is officially behind the “PED Era”.  Yet MLB officials ignore current problems that plague the game: numbers fatigue due to sabrmetrics, the length of the average game (check the average game time of a Yankees/Red Sox game), pace of play (again Yankees/Red Sox) and more importantly getting instant replay done correctly.

Those are actual problems with the game, things that can make baseball far more casual fan friendly.  Things that can say, “Look we’ve moved past the PED era by making our game better”. Yet as always, MLB officials are stuck in the past, appealing to old school die-hards that are dwindling in numbers by the day, yet ignoring the casual fans that might want to watch a game and instead are turned off due to some of the factors I previously mentioned.

Moreover, I find that the Biogenesis suspensions are lacking two names who are bigger than Alex Rodriguez: Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman and Yankees President Randy Levine. Especially considering that 31 percent of the current Biogenesis clients are either current or former Yankees. Which also ignores those who were implicated in the Mitchell Report (no matter how fraudulent you may consider it to be).  Names like Chuck Knoblauch, admitted PED user Andy Pettite, Jason Giambi and Roger Clemens to name a few.

Which brings my point to this, if you want to attempt to clean up the game (which in itself is impossible, just ask WADA). Make it so that not only are players on notice for taking PED’s, but the front office officials are on notice for fostering a culture of PED usage by indifference.

But in the end there’s still dope on the table, it may not be A-Rod’s tarnished career nor any of the other Biogenesis guys whom are forever linked to this. It’s not GM’s like Brian Cashman, Billy Beane or John Hart who have had multiple PED users pop up on their watch.  Instead it’s Bud Selig and the MLB brass,  they’re the real dopes in this story, simply for their inability to let go of the past and move baseball into the future.


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